Special Financial Aid Plan for Foreign Pythonista

PyCon APAC 2014 is ready for the Pythonista in Asia Pacific! 

In order to better connect everyone in the communities, we sincerely invite you to join PyCon APAC 2014. However, Taiwan might be too far for you, foreign Pythonista, to cover the travel cost.

Don’t worry!  Besides the regular financial aid, we have made a special financial aid plan to help you! 



  • Due to limited resources, we will only subside those who could hold BoF at the first night of conference days.(what is BoF)
  • All BoF applications will be reviewed.

  • The selection will base on their relevance to Python, diversity or specialization of their themes and popularity of their topics.

  • First come first reviewed.

  • One person could only submit one application for this financial aid plan.

  • ​The financial aid plan opens for application right now until 4/30.

How to apply

  • Fill in the information on the registration website, http://pycontw.kktix.cc/events/specialfa
    which includes...
    • Your nation
    • Your BoF proposal
    • Name and contact information, including e-mail and phone number, of the person in charge


The result will be announced on our website before 5/1. We will inform you if your application has been approved, and the fund would be received during the BoF period.


Although we can't guarantee to fund every applicants because of the limited budget and difficulties to quantify the contribution of each person, we are looking forward to see  all the  Pythonista around Asia Pacific getting together and having a conversation through BoF.


Therefore, please do let us know if you need some support, and we will do our best !


If you have any further question, please mail to registration@pycon.tw 


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Financial Aid Application / 財務補助申請

~ 2014/05/01 09:00(+0800) End of Sale
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