PyConTW 2016 個人贊助 Patron

希望用個人身份支持 PyCon Taiwan 2016 嗎?歡迎您成為 PyCon Taiwan 2016 的個人贊助成員!
我們會將個人贊助人士的個人頁面網址(Facebook、GitHub、Twitter,根據您願意提供的資訊而定)列載於 PyCon Taiwan 2016 官網上。

如果你已經註冊 PyCon Taiwan 2016 官網,請填寫你的帳號(email),我們會直接使用你在網站上的照片及社群連結。


  • 個人贊助為捐款性質,若您是中華民國公民,我們可提供捐贈收據供您列報捐贈扣除額。
  • 個人贊助不包含 PyConTaiwan 2016 入場票。
  • 免費獲得大會紀念衫一件。
  • 退費機制委由 KKTIX 代為處理。因此一旦付費後若需要退費,KKTIX 將收取其中 10% 金額作為手續費,僅能退還 90% 金額,敬請知悉。


If you wish to support PyCon Taiwan 2016 on your own, this page is for you! There will be a page for the list of all patrons (e.g. links to profile pages of Facebook, GitHub, Twitter) on the PyCon Taiwan 2016 website.

Please note:

  • If you are a citizen of Taiwan (Republic of China), you can ask for a donation receipt for your income tax deduction.
  • The patron packge DOES NOT include a ticket to PyCon Taiwan 2016.
  • Get 1 free commemorative t-shirt. 
  • KKTIX issue refunds on behalf of PyCon Taiwan 2016. Should you need a refund, please note that you would only get back 90% of your donation since 10% of the ticket face value will be charged by KKTIX as service fee.

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
個人贊助 1 單位 - 不含門票 Patron (1 unit) - ticket NOT included (NT$1000)

~ 2016/06/05 18:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$1,000
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