PyCon Taiwan 2016 Sprint

注意:此活動與年會的報名是分開的!報名此免費活動並不能取得參加年會的資格。今年年會的售票已結束,欲參加年會者可以參考下半年泛亞太區的 PyCon 或期待明年吧!另外本活動並限年會報名者參加,會寫 Python 就來玩吧!活動中主要使用中文,我們也期待會有能使用英文溝通的專案負責人與開發者。

Note: This registration is just for Sprint event. You cannot attend the conference by the registration of this free event. Due to conference tickets of this year are sold out already, you may be interested in pan-Asia-Pacific PyCons in following months. This event does not require conference registration. Join the fun if you code Python! This event will be hold in Chinese and we expect there will be English-friendly projects and leads.

活動內容 Content

開源專案的負責人,帶著他們專案待解決的問題、issue 來現場與大家分享與解說,參加的人可以就自己感興趣的專案一同加入。透過這個互動機會將能更了解自己關注的相關專案領域。歡迎一起來玩!

It is highly welcomed to bring one’s own project and find enthusiasts of same interest. For people with sufficient Python background who wants to join open source projects but having no clue or too shy to shout out on the mail list and public channels, sprints serve as a great chance to get involved.

場地 Venue

入口在巷口旁有貼 CLBC 的公寓門。
The entrance is an apartment door.

成員要求 Requirements

活動時間 Time

10am - 5 pm

時間表 Schedule:

10:00 ~ 12:00: Show up, setup, and code!

~ Pizza Party

13:00 ~ 16:30: Keep coding

~ Sharing Summary



Sprints 的進行方式可參考三月的活動 Projects On,歡迎一起來熱身、參加專案!有疑問也可以到 上直接提問。

Welcome for fun!

CLBC 大安本館 4F / 台北市大安區復興南路一段293號4樓

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
Sprint Ticket

2016/05/11 08:30(+0800) ~ 2016/06/11 12:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
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