PyCon Taiwan 2013

  • 2013/05/25(周六) 09:00(+0800) ~ 2013/05/26(周日) 17:00(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google 日曆 )
  • 中央研究院 人文社會館 國際會議廳 International Conference Hall, Humanities & Social Sciences Building, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan / 台北市南港區研究院路二段128號 Academia Sinica Campus: No.24, Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB)
  • PyCon Taiwan聯絡主辦單位


PyCon Taiwan (PyConTW) is the biggest gathering of the Python community in Taiwan.  PyCon Taiwan is an event organized by volunteers to present Python applications in various areas.  We deliberately make PyCon Taiwan to be a high-quality, professional venue to exchange knowledge of technology.  We hope all participants can enjoy the show, and want to facilitate passionate sharing.

We also want to provide a networking opportunity for the community in PyCon Taiwan 2013.  In addition to connect individuals and corporations, we encourage entrepreneurs to discuss and share experiences with each other, in the hope to advance our technology and enrich business development.

This PyCon Taiwan will be held with paid tutorial for the first time, and it’s been all sold out.  Before conference begins, through a full-day lecture and hands-on practice, novices will be introduced the core concepts and culture of Python.  With the knowledge at hand, it would be easier for them to understand the materials in the conference.

The registration for PyCon Taiwan opens on April 09, 2013.  We sincerely invite you to join this event.


Time: Saturday 25 May ~ Sunday 26 May




Prices and entitlements:

  1. Enterprise Ticket

    • For those who need invoices. (We provide Triplicate Uniform Invoice)
    • The invoice will be issued when you check in.
  2. Individual Ticket

    • For people paying for themselves
    • No invoice.
  3. Student Ticket

    • For college and high school students
    • Please bring your academic identification with you during conference
    • No invoice.

(All ticket withholders are eligible to register Tutorial)


Registration duration:

  • Early-Bird: 2013/04/09 20:00 ~ 2013/04/25 23:59, extended to 2013/05/05 23:59

  • Regular: 2013/04/09 20:00 ~ 2013/05/20 23:59


Price: (unit: NTD)

Ticket Price Early-Bird
Enterprise 4,500 3,900
Individual 2,500 1,900
Student 1,500 (sold-out)



  • PyCon Taiwan 2013 is a paid conference; everybody including staff and speakers has to pay to attend. (Everybody Pays)

  • There would be no refund once registration confirmed. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

  • If you are struggling with finances and can't afford a ticket, please contact us for Financial Aid.

  • We will provide lunch during conference. Let us know if you are a vegetarian or non-pork eaters.

  • Please leave valid contact information (Mobile Phone Number and Email) while registration, so you can have latest notification from us.


For more information, please check PyCon Taiwan 2013.



PyCon,亦即 Python 年會,是 Python 社群最大型的年度聚會。PyCon 是社群同好自發籌辦的活動,展現 Python 在各式領域的應用現況。我們致力讓台灣 Python 年會成為高品質的專業活動,讓與會朋友享受技術交流的樂趣,體驗社群獨有的熱情。

2013 台灣 Python 年會的特色,除了呈現 Python 在應用領域的案例和實務,也重視與會人員的交流互動,包括促成開發者與廠商之間的合作可能,提供創業者交流討論的園地,達到提昇社群技能和豐富產業發展的目的。

PyCon Taiwan 2013 首次安排收費的入門課程,在大會開始前,透過全天的課程與實作,讓 Python 的初學者認識 Python 的核心知識與文化。參與大會時,就更容易吸收議程內容,促成社群交流與學習。

PyCon Taiwan 即日起開放報名,我們誠摯的邀請您一起參加這次難得的 Python 盛會。


時間:2013 年 05 月 25 日(六)~ 2013 年 05 月 26 日(日)


地點:中央研究院 人文社會科學館 國際會議廳



  1. 企業票

    • 給需要發票的朋友(提供三聯式發票)

    • 發票將於活動當日,在報到時交給您

  2. 一般票

    • 一般參加者

    • 不提供發票

  3. 學生票

    • 學生適用,鼓勵在學的學生參加 (大學生以下,含大學生)

    • 入場時請攜帶在學相關證件

    • 不提供發票




  • 即日起至 2013/5/20

  • 早鳥截止日為 2013/4/25延長至 2013/5/5



票種 價格 早鳥
企業票 4,500 3,900
一般票 2,500 1,900
學生票 1,500 (名額已滿)



  • PyCon Taiwan 2013 為使用者需付費之議程,所有工作人員和講者均自行付費參加 (Everybody Pays),一旦報名確認後不予以退費。敬請見諒。

  • 我們希望所有 Python 社群的每一個人都能夠參加 PyCon Taiwan 的活動。若您資金上有困難,歡迎申請大會 Financial Aid 計劃

  • 會議當天提供午餐,素食或其他需求請務必註明。

  • 報名時請留下正確的聯絡方式(手機號碼與 email),才收得到大會的通知。


更多資訊請參考 PyCon Taiwan 2013 網站

中央研究院 人文社會館 國際會議廳 International Conference Hall, Humanities & Social Sciences Building, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan / 台北市南港區研究院路二段128號 Academia Sinica Campus: No.24, Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB)


票種 販售時間 售價
企業票 Enterprise 2013/04/09 20:00(+0800) ~ 2013/05/20 23:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$4,500
個人票 Individual 2013/04/09 20:00(+0800) ~ 2013/05/20 23:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$2,500
學生票 Student 2013/04/09 20:00(+0800) ~ 2013/05/20 23:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$1,500
有講者邀請碼的特別票 Individual with Speaker Promote Code 2013/04/30 00:00(+0800) ~ 2013/05/20 23:59(+0800) 結束販售
  • TWD$1,900

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