PyCon TW 2024 Registration: Corporate / 企業票種


Make sure you know the “Notice” and the “Terms & Conditions”
before buying tickets!

注意事項 / Notice 

💡 您有需要企業團購優惠嗎?企業團體票有優惠!

如果您想購買 5 張以上的企業票,歡迎填寫 PyCon TW 2024 企業團體票申請洽談團購優惠,購買張數愈多優惠愈多。

  • 企業團體票一經售出,恕不退費或換票。

  • 企業團體票售出後,我們將寄送「符合購買張數的邀請碼」用於 KKTIX 註冊「企業團體票」,每一組邀請碼皆有時效性,未在時限內於 KKTIX 完成註冊的邀請碼會自動失效,屆時視同放棄,恕不退費或換票。

💡 Need Group-Buy Corporate Discount?

We provide “Group-Buy Corporate Discounts” for purchasing at least 5 Corporate Tickets. Please fill out the application form with your current needs if you have an interest in group-buy corporate tickets.

  • NO refunds or exchanges once group-buy corporate tickets are sold.

  • Once group-buy corporate tickets are sold, we will send invitation codes for registering “Group-Buy Corporate Tickets” on KKTIX. Each of the invitation codes is time-sensitive. The invitation codes that do not register on KKTIX within the time limit will automatically expire, and there will be NO refunds or exchanges of tickets. 

💡 About “T-Shirt”

  1. 如果您購買的票種有包含紀念衣服,我們將於年會期間 (2024 年 09 月 21 日至 22 日) 於大會服務櫃檯兌換給您。
    If you bought the tickets with t-shirt, we will redeem them for you at the service counter during the conference (September 21 - 22, 2024).

  2. 如果您購買的票種有包含紀念衣服,請務必填寫「正確的衣服尺寸」。紀念衣服售出後不提供衣服尺寸更換。
    If you bought the ticket with t-shirt, please fill out the correct size of t-shirt. We will NOT provide changing the size of t-shirts.

  3. 紀念衣服的尺寸會優先以您在購票表單所填寫的尺寸發放。如果我們無法提供您所填寫的尺寸,我們會以較大的尺寸代替。
    The size of the t-shirt will be prioritized based on the size you have filled out on KKTIX. If we are unable to provide the size you have requested, we will substitute it with a larger size.  

 活動資訊 / About Event

 "PyCon TW 2024 Calling in the Harbor: Dive into Python!"

多樣票價供您選擇,人人都可以找到最適合自己的方案。 多元化學習與多視角觀察技術應用,深入淺出引你進入 Python 學習殿堂。今年的議程內容多元豐富,總共有 3 種形式的演講與 6 種不同性質的交流活動,讓你可以從演講中吸取知識的同時,還能在交流活動中結識許多各方好友。

PyCon TW 2024 provides multiple types of tickets, maximizing flexibility to correspond with attendees' particular needs. Get a ticket and join our journey mining the secrets of Python at PyCon TW 2024. There are 3 types of speeches and 6 different activities in the annual conference. Let's meet Pythonistas here!


購票條款 / Terms & Conditions

  1. PyCon TW 2024 為公開售票活動。所有參與者 (包含講者與籌備人員),均需透過對 PyCon Taiwan 貢獻或付費參與。詳見 Everybody Contributes 原則
    We follow the Principle of Everybody Contributes, it’s necessary for all attendees including speakers and organizers to purchase tickets or contribute to the PyCon Taiwan.

  2. 請務必遵守 PyCon TW 2024 行為準則。本公約適用於參與者在 PyCon Taiwan 相關實體與數位場域中的一切言行,期望大家一起合作。
    Please follow our Code of Conduct of PyCon TW 2024. This convention applies to all the words and deeds of participants in the relevant entities and digital fields of PyCon Taiwan.

  3. 關於「企業票種 (企業票與企業團體票)」
    About “Corporate Tickets”

    1. 如果您是購買「企業票」,我們將於活動結束後開立電子發票,並寄送至您提供的電子信箱。
      We will send electronic invoices directly to your email address AFTER the event if you bought corporate tickets.

    2. 如果您是購買「企業團體票」,我們將於確認匯款後開立電子發票,並寄送至您提供的電子信箱。 We will send electronic invoices directly to your email address AFTER confirming the remittance if you bought group-buy corporate tickets.

    3. 欲購買「企業團體票」請填寫 PyCon TW 2024 企業團體票申請洽談團購優惠。企業團體票一經售出,恕不退費或換票。
      To buy “Group-Buy Corporate” tickets, please fill out the application form for discounts. NO refunds or exchanges once group-buy corporate tickets are sold.

    4. 企業團體票一律以匯款時間為準決定是否有包含紀念衣服。
      We will base on the remittance time to determine whether the group-buy corporate tickets include a t-shirt.

  4. 本活動委託 KKTIX 代理退票與退費。如果您欲透過 KKTIX 辦理退換票,請來信至。如果您自行透過 KKTIX 退票,將酌收 10% 手續費且活動前十天內 (不含活動日) 不予退票。詳情請見 KKTIX 代理退換票辦法
    Ticket refund and exchange are handled by KKTIX on behalf of the event organizer. If you want to apply for a refund or exchange via KKTIX, please mail to If you request a refund via KKTIX, a 10% handling fee will be charged, and refunds will not be accepted within ten days before the event (excluding the event day). Please refer to the KKTIX ticket exchange and refund policy.

  5. 購票表單部分欄位如國家、職稱、服務單位、聯絡地址將用於向高雄市政府申請會展補助。Certain fields in the ticket purchase form, such as country, job title, employer, and contact address, will be used to apply for exhibition subsidies from the Kaohsiung City Government.

  6. PyCon Taiwan 2024 個人資料保護聲明
    Privacy Policy of PyCon Taiwan 2024

  7. 如果您有任何購票相關疑問,請來信至。
    Please kindly mail to if you have any questions about tickets.

  8. 主辦單位保有對 PyCon TW 2024 的最終修改、變更、活動解釋及取消本活動之權利。
    The organizer reserves the right to make final revisions, changes, interpretations of the event, and cancellations of PyCon TW 2024.


更多關於今年年會的訊息,請參閱 PyCon TW 2024 大會官方網站
For more information on PyCon TW 2024, please refer to our official website.


臺灣 Python 年會籌備委員會
Committee of Python Conference Taiwan
Open Culture Foundation

贊助夥伴 / Sponsors

⭐️ 金級贊助 / Golden Sponsorship ⭐️


⭐️ 銀級贊助 / Silver Sponsorship ⭐️


⭐️ 銅級贊助 / Bronze Sponsorship ⭐️




高雄國立科學工藝博物館南館 / 807高雄市三民區九如一路797號

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
企業票 - 一般階段 / Corporate - Regular Stage

2024/06/17 00:00(+0800) ~ 2024/08/04 23:59(+0800)
  • TWD$5,800
企業票 - 晚鳥階段 / Corporate - Final Stage

2024/08/04 00:00(+0800) ~ 2024/09/14 00:00(+0800) Sale Not Started
  • TWD$6,500
企業團體票 (歡迎申請) / Group-Buy Corporate (Free to Apply)

2024/06/17 00:00(+0800) ~ 2024/08/04 00:00(+0800)
  • Free
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