PyCon Taiwan 2020 Sprint

注意:今年的 PyCon TW Sprints 將會以實體和線上同步進行,讓你可以持續參與貢獻開源專案。此報名頁面為實體 Sprints 聚會的報名,若你想以線上的方式參與 Sprints ,請在此 HackMD 內中,與你有興趣的專案主持人聯絡。

Note: This year’s PyCon TW Sprints will be held in physical and online at the same time, so you can keep contributing to open source projects. This registration page is for physical sprints meetup. If you want to participate in sprints online, please contact the project hosts you are interested in listed in this HackMD.


活動內容 Content

衝刺開發 (Sprints) 安排在大會的兩天之外。衝刺開發是一個聚集開源專案負責人、貢獻者、想貢獻但不知道從何開始的人的活動。在活動中,將會有專案領導人帶著他們專案待解決的問題、待開發的功能來現場分享與解說。你可以選擇加入自己喜歡的專案,或是帶著自己的專案和大家分享!

對已經有一定 Python 基礎的人,想參與開源專案但不知如何加入,或者害羞怕自己不了解該專案環境的人,參加衝刺開發是個大展身手的好時機;而對於專案領導人來說,這是一個找到志同道合的朋友、面對面和貢獻者交流、帶領更多新人加入開發的好機會!

此次實體 Sprints 聚會將在 8/30 星期日,在台南好想工作室舉辦。你可以近距離與專案領導人互動,瞭解專案,並在聚會中與大家一同為開源專案貢獻你的程式碼,在聚會中,會場也有提供小點心,讓你可以一邊享受美食一邊敲打你的程式!

Sprints are held out of the main conference. A sprint event gathers open source project owners, contributors, and people who want to contribute but trying to find a place to start. During a sprint, project hosts bring their unresolved issues or new features under development and share with everyone. You can join a project of your choice, or bring your own project here!

For those who already know fundamentals of Python and want to participate open source projects, but doesn’t know where to start, sprints are great opportunities to get yourself involved! As for project hosts, this is a great chance for you to find people with similar interests, having face-to-face interactions with contributors, and getting new contributors to your project’s development! Be prepared to get your hands dirty!

The physical sprints meetup will be held on 8/30 Sunday in Tainan Goodideas Studio. You can interact with the project hosts in close, learn about the project, and contribute your code to the open-source project with everyone together. In this meetup, the venue will also provide snacks so that you can have something delicious while contributing to your code!


地點 Location

好想工作室 (701台南市東區北門路二段16號 L2A)

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日期 Date

8/30 10:00 ~ 16:00 (台北標準時間 TST)


成員要求 Requirements

讀過並遵守 PyCon Taiwan 2020 的行為準則
Read Code of Conduct of PyCon Taiwan 2020.

有 Python 程式經驗,想參與專案、有專案可以拿來玩的人。
Python experienced who want to join or share the project.

Bring your own laptop. Wi-Fi is provided in the venue.

好想工作室 / 701 台南市東區北門路二段16號 L2A

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~ 2020/08/30 16:00(+0800) End of Sale
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